Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting Your Edges Flat Between Relaxers

In the beginning of my knappy hair care research, I learned that relaxing every 6 weeks makes your hair thin over time. The reason is because it is almost impossible to apply a relaxer without overlapping it on areas that have already been straightened. Over time this "overlapping" wears down the protein bonds in the hair, causing it to become weak and break.

So, every 6 weeks is a HORRIBLE idea. There are many ways to get around relaxing so often. I am going to focus on one method in this article

Its trial and error for how long you can go between relaxers without breakage. I relax my edges every 2 months and the rest of my hair every 4-6 months. During this time I alternate between wearing my hair flat ironed and wearing it in a bun.
In order to get my edges flat with all of the new growth, I use this method and it works everytime. Try it tonight on yourself!

* Apply moisturizer to your new growth as though it was a relaxer, all along your edges. If your hair is especially curly, try a little gel. ONLY your edges should be damp with moisturizer and/or gel. If your new growth is not wet enough this will not work. You want to keep as much as you can off of the rest of your hair.
* Use a hard brush to blend the moisturizer into your hair and to get all of your hair going in the same direction.
*Put on your silk or satin bandana or fold your scarf so it looks like my purple scarf in the picture above. Place the scarf over your ears so that you can create tension by pushing your scarf further back on your head, This tension is what makes the smooth texture.

I do this method at night. When I wake in the morning, my ponytail is slick, or if i'm wearing my hair down, my knapps are smooth and most importantly SOFT. This method works everytime for me no matter how much new growth i'm working with. **Do not apply gel if you are going to wear your hair down**

I'm hoping this information helps you to stretch your relaxers out longer. Stretching will help you get thicker hair that will not break so easily. And that equals LONGER HEALTHIER hair!

Thanks for reading!